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Hi, I'm Jackson, and I am an ex-inmate who has served a full-time custodial sentence in several NSW prisons. Before I was sentenced to prison, I was looking for information to help me prepare, or find out what it's like. Although I found some information from government websites and news articles, there was not much first-hand information.

I was very anxious when I first arrived in jail, not knowing what to expect. I told myself that I would make a website when I got out, so I could help others in a similar situation to me. It helped give me some focus during my time, knowing that I was going to have some useful experience and information that many others do not have.

I hope that I can help others who are about to be sentenced, as well as provide interesting info to those that are just curious about jail in Australia. All the information I have written on this site is based on my real personal experience, or experiences and anecdotes from inmates I have met during my incarceration.

Tom Hall

Ausprisons.com is a pretty interesting read! I stumbled upon it after watching a Netflix show on prisons around the world. Seems like Aussies have it pretty good compared to some other countries lol! 

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Hùng Võ 

very good, thank you for help on phone call :)

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Ben Simmo

Having done some time in NSW jails, I can confirm that the info on ausprisons.com is pretty much spot on. This guy's defo been inside, cos you couldn't make up the stuff he knows.


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Soraya Khalil

Devastated that my lovely brother was sentenced today, but thank you AusPrisons.com for the information and phone consults beforehand to help him prepare. Stay safe Abbas Khalil and we will visit you as soon as we can inshallah. 


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